Speedo Bridge Swing Accident Win + Fail


Тарзанка неудачный прыжок//07.31.10 – 5 km south of Tambov city – railroad bridge over Tsna River (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsna_River_(Moksha_basin)) with route Tambov-Kotovsk.  Valentin was a youthful 34yr old at the time, who liked an occasional physical challenge. Him and his friends decided to have a picnic near the river, when he discovered an abandoned bungee cord tied to the bridge.  Valentin likes to do complicated jumps with salto and other tricks. That was the plan, until he realized in midair that he wasn’t going to make it because of the relation of a bungee cord's center radius to the bridge. Everything happened very fast – he didn’t see the bottom of the bridge coming, because his back was almost turned to it during the flight. The impact caught him by surprise – he got really scared and almost let go of the bungee at the time of collision. Luckily, he hung on and let go a bit later, other wise, he would’ve hit the water flat from a height of 7 meters (almost 23 ft.). His friends were in shock, but he was lucky – got away with a scratched up right shoulder, side, and arm.  Valentin considers himself very fortunate, because many people have died on that bridge under different circumstances over the years. Now everyone remembers this coincidence with a smile. The video was filmed by his cousin’s husband, Russian.

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