Launchpad Entertainment is a leader in user-generated content, connecting creators and distributors around the world. Our video library hosts some of the most viral clips copied and shared on the internet. We are dedicated to rewarding content creators while supplying brands and entertainment companies with the most amazing and unique videos. Learn more about what we do.


Tailored to fit your needs, we provide customized research to the client. We have over 30,000 videos in our library and our team brings in fresh, viral and trending clips every day. We make licensing easy and effective.

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Our videos are fully verified, sourced and available for immediate commercial use.


Powered by a global team of researchers, our video library aggregates content from all over the world.


Our multi-platform brands have millions of followers and our content has a proven track record of going viral.


We provide individual support so clients can find the perfect video for their creative briefing.