User-Generated Content is the key to building a loyal and engaged audience. LPE360’s library of thousands of clips in a variety of genres propels audiences forward. From humorous pranks, comedy and animal hijinks to candid, caught on camera dash-cam moments and everything in-between we have what you are looking for. Our fully vetted database features paranormal, sports, crime, inspirational, news and real-life drama content.


We specialize in licensing and clearance of the top, sought after user – generated and viral video sourced and vetted by our team of research specialists. We have established relationships with brands, television studios and news outlets to provide top quality video and can do the same for your projects.

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Our videos are fully verified, sourced and available for immediate commercial use.


Powered by a global team of researchers, our video library aggregates content from all over the world.


Our multi-platform brands have millions of followers and our content has a proven track record of going viral.


We provide individual support so clients can find the perfect video for their creative briefing.