Security guard is attacked by ghost


A security guard was attacked by ghost while checking the building at night. He later said that he had a strange feeling when he entered the fourth floor. He saw a man who greeted him politely and asked if all the officials left already. The guard answered affirmative and asked the man to go down the escalator to exit the building. instead the man started approaching the guard and suddenly disappeared. The guard asked his partner, who was monitoring the cameras, if they saw the man and could identify him. The partner said that there was nobody around and the guard was talking to himself for some time. The guard could not believe it and decided to look for the strange man around the building. Suddenly he saw same man on another floor. He was walking towards the guard from the bathroom. Moment later the guard felt squeezed and got thrown into a stand and back on the floor. He crawled back towards the stairs and couple moments later got thrown into the stairs wall. Two other guards heard the noise and rushed to his help. While they tried to lift him up, the ghost grabbed and pulled the guards leg again and this time one of the partners felt a hit too. But they didn't see anybody around. After this incident, the guard asked for a transfer to a different location.