Alligator attacks older man


Charles Taylor was working as a Captain of Sea Level Fire & Rescue when a motorist stopped in and said there was a big alligator in a ditch in the community of Stacy. When we arrived on scene there were multiple people stopping by and it was dangerous for the alligator and motorists. The NC Wildlife was contacted to see if they would remove the alligator, but they were 2 hours away and wouldn't respond. A guy came that said he was an expert and used to work in zoos and wanted to try and move the alligator so it didn't get hurt. As you can see in the video he threw a towel over its eyes and hesitated as he jumped on the alligators back. The alligator turned and bit him and shook him. Luckily he escaped before the alligator could bite him again. He immediately was bleeding heavy and was transported to the hospital. Later the NC Wildlife came down and correctly removed the alligator near a local water source.